In Honor of Spring 2019

I have been away from writing this blog and greatly missed sharing my thoughts. It just seems these days that as soon as ideas get put down on paper they become obsolete. Why is that?

We are experiencing a definite increase with the speed and number of events piling up from the world news and in our own smaller world. Marriages, deaths, births, major illnesses, job losses, relationship turmoil, power outages, financial upheavals, forced location changes, neighbor boundary issues and catastrophic weather events are happening continuously. All is accompanied by a sense of overload.

Is the access to information just so great that we cannot help getting caught up in it? And then what can we do about it, if we are so far, only reading or hearing about these horrific events?

After feeling compassion and sending sympathy and what material resources are at our disposal to alleviate the suffering, what else can we do? Where does our responsibility lie in being of service to our fellow men? Especially when we are not directly engaged in an overwhelming clean up process?

This is what today the 20th and tomorrow the 21st is all about-the transition from Pisces to Aries. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and encompasses all the previous eleven. Emotional wisdom and a wide perspective characterize Pisces which sees the bigger picture. We feel for all of humanity and especially the suffering and helpless. We do service to others as best we can.

Then as the Sun apparently leaves Pisces and moves into Aries , the first sign of the zodiac, we begin a personal new journey of self discovery. We move from the collective aspect of the Pisces viewpoint to the more personal and self fulfilling perspective of Aries. Each sign of the zodiac holds a different characteristic and we are all composed of all twelve signs in varying degrees of strength.

Through Aries we wake up to a new identity, a new enthusiasm emerges to further our own individuation. We have a new mission or start a new adventure, which has a ripple effect reverberating into our immediate environment. In Aries we realize we can only help others by discovering and embodying who we are or want to be. We can no longer procrastinate. Aries is here for the next 30 days. Saddle up your horse and jump on. The culmination will be a year from now when the Sun passes over Pisces again. The wheel turns.